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Model-Ex is a practical change management process designed to renew ERP concepts and techniques when the current business environment demands it.  Model-Ex is a structured process that begins with an analysis of where inefficiencies exist in the current situation.  It then enables a plant team to work through a simulation of the desired end-state with the aid of a model representation of the affected processes. The team is made up of resources from affected departments, and together they work to achieve agreement and concensus on the proposed solutions.  Once the users are comfortable that the new methods will work, practical redesigns are put in place that successfully solve problems and eliminate issues.  Model-Ex ensures the solutions are right for the business, and drive the business value expected. 


Manex works with manufacturers to customize ERP consulting engagements to address a company's needs.  With its focus on core manufacturing, supply chain planning and shop floor execution, initiatives can range in scope from establishing a realistic Master Scheduling process to implementing or fine tuning MRP and establishing linkages between planning processes and Kanban execution processes on the shop floor or with suppliers.    

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