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Manex was launched in August 2007 with a mission to work with manufacturers to help identify where efficiencies can be gained by improving how their ERP systems address the core manufacturing, supply chain planning and shop floor execution processes.  Solutions are developed through the deployment of Manex's analysis process called Model-Ex structured to guide manufacturers to areas where improved concepts and techniques can be deployed to better address their business problems. 

Manex is focused on ensuring problems are well defined so that the right elements of change are considered and a plan and path is executed to get the ERP improvements implemented successfully.  Manex is committed to making users - better users - and to ensure the right techniques are put in place to help companies control costs and remain competitive in their markets.

David Searle CPIM, CSCP
Dave Searle is Manex, and a unique resource when it comes to the ERP systems. He is a specialist in applying core manufacturing and planning concepts to support the ERP approach to controlling a manufacturing operation. He addresses system use from a practitioner’s point of view and he uses his experience to quickly guide new users towards the concepts they need to deploy in order to gain benefits sooner. He understands ERP, and knows how to effectively match business objectives with system concepts. 
Dave began working with ERP early in his manufacturing career as the companies he began his career with were early pioneers of packaged software systems. When he became actively involved in APICS and participating as a board member and later as President of his local chapter, he was already using ERP as an effective tool to achieve day-to-day objectives. He never chose to question whether the system was a perfect fit, but instead focused on understanding how to apply the system to address the requirements he was faced with. Later, he shifted his career to a consulting role and for the past 20 years has helped practitioners learn how to apply system concepts.
Over the course of his career, Dave has worked in over 80 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries across North America and Europe helping companies implement and maximize the benefits from their ERP business planning systems.

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