Executing the Manufacturing Process Manex

Our Purpose

Manex is committed to ensuring manufacturers execute their manufacturing processes efficiently by effectively utilizing their MAPICS ERP systems.  With its primary focus on core manufacturing, supply chain planning and shop floor execution processes, Manex’s purpose is to help identify where inefficiencies exist, uncover root causes and work with manufacturers to increase capability and effectiveness of their MAPICS ERP system.

"Congratulations on a job well done!  The project and project team that was supported by Manex was highly praised for their efforts and accomplishments.  This project is the current benchmark for excellence for 2011.  Excellent job!  Success doesn't come without hard work, so everything you did and do is greatly appreciated."
Bill Liakas, Power Technologies Group, Dana Corporation
Current Situation
  • Identify Inefficiencies
  • Determine Reasons Why
  • Calculate Value of Change
Identify Change
  • Problem Solve
  • Uncover Root Cause 
  • Design Solutions 
Plan and Path
  • Practical Steps
  • Project Management
  • Measurements
Specialist with MAPICS
Infor ERP XA

We recognize that the name has changed to Infor ERP XA, but after 30 years, calling it by a different name is hard to do. 

Manex launched with value focus!

Manex was launched in August 2007, with a dedication to help organizations effectively use their ERP systems. 

Manex knows ERP

Manex has worked in over 80 manufacturing locations across 10 countries.
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Making ERP Work!